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The Meeting Place
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Hello and welcome to The Meeting Place!

Here you will find many programs that you can sign up for. If you belong to them already, just follow the instructions on how to get them to me and I will add your urls into my rotation.

If you are interested in receiving updates about The Meeting Place, please sign up for our E-Zine. I send out reminders and let people know when a new program has been added.

I hope you enjoy this site!
The Meeting Place Publisher,
Jennifer L. Lamb-Forney

To all the families and friends of those involved in the events that started happening at 9 am on Tuesday September 11, 2001... We the people of The Meeting Place would like to offer our greatest sympathy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families and to the lives of the American People who were lost today.

Please take a moment and pray for them. I am not a deeply religious woman, but My thoughts, my prayers and my tears are with you. Please give blood and do what ever you can to help save the lives of those injured in Washington, New York, and Pennsylvania today.

The People Of The Meeting Place
And Jennifer L. Lamb-Forney
Publisher Of TMP

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