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Paid To Read | Mailbag

Below you will find a list of Paid To Read Programs. If you belong to them already, cool. Please enter your referral url or link for each program then hit submit. I will then have your url on file. If you do not belong to the program, but wish to sign up for it, simply put "Send Me" in the field provided (where you would enter your referral url). This way I can get you the url for sign up. Please be sure to give your name and e mail address that you would like this info sent to. It does not have to be the list e mail address that you signed up for. I decided to run this e zine in this manner as I feel that this will help more people get sign ups. I have been racking my brain for a month on how to help everyone out. I hope this is the solution. I hope this is an easier way for people to get referrals. Please let me know what you think in the comments section. The Meeting Place Publisher, Jennifer L. Forney-Lamb

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10 Dollars A Day
All Community
Cash PO
Cash Wind
Cyber Topper
Dollars By E Mail
E-Mail Pays U
EMail Pays Online
EMail That Counts
Filthy Stinkin Rich
Get Paid More
Hits 4 Pay
Inbox Dollars
Lotto Pool TX
Mail For Europe
Mint Mail
My Paid E Mails
Nitro Clicks
Power Line Mail
Profit 2 Read
Read Click
Ref Rewards
Send More Info
Swappers And Collectors
Traffic Jam It

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